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Subawards (Outgoing)

A subaward is a contract or legal agreement between an organization receiving a grant or contract and another organization that will perform research or other substantive work. A subaward is not an agreement for the procurement or purchase of routine goods or services. A subaward is written under the authority of the prime award and specifies the terms and conditions under which the parties will engage in the work.

Establishing the Subaward

When a subaward is proposed and awarded on a prime award to UTK, an email will be sent from the Subaward Coordinator to the PI and department business manager to confirm the issuance of a subaward on this prime award.

No Cost Time Extension (NCTE) for a Subaward

If an NCTE is approved on the prime award, an email will be sent to the PI and business manager by the Subaward Coordinator to confirm that an NCTE is needed on the subaward.

No other information is needed from the department, unless requested by the Subaward Coordinator.

No Subrecipient in Original Proposal

Normally, participation of a subrecipient has been fully disclosed and budgeted for in the proposal submitted to the funding agency (sponsor). However, when a subrecipient was not identified in the proposal, prior to entering into a subaward arrangement, the award manager will determine if approval from the prime funding agency is required.