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Proposal Submission Deadlines

All proposals must be approved by departments(s) and college(s) in Cayuse SP and received by OSP by 9:00 am five (5) business days before either the sponsor deadline or date the PI wishes to submit, whichever is earlier. The following documents must be included in final form:

  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Cost share approval (if applicable)
  • All documentation from proposed subcontractors (if applicable)
  • All required documents per sponsor guidelines and/or the program solicitation (e.g. biosketch, current and pending form, facilities description, etc.)
  • If submission is through an online submission portal, all documents must be uploaded and access granted to OSP
  • Also, drafts of technical documents (project description, abstract, and references)

All components of the proposal, except the technical documents, must be in final form five (5) business days before the desired submission date. If documents are not in final form, the proposal is considered late.

PI’s may continue revising technical documents until 9:00 a.m. two (2) full business days before the indicated submission date at which time they must by submitted to OSP in final form.

Proposals that Meet the Five Day Deadline

These deadlines allow OSP to conduct a complete review of all documents prior to submission. This includes: budget, budget justification, supplementary documents, and review of technical documents against the sponsor’s guidelines and/or program solicitation. Additionally, these deadlines provide adequate time for any revisions that made be necessary to ensure a compliant submission.

These proposals will be given priority review and assistance over proposals that arrive late.

Late Proposals

Proposals that do not adhere to the five (5) business day deadline as described above will be reviewed as time allows. A proposal submitted late to OSP will not be given priority over those proposals who adhered to the established procedure. If there is insufficient time for a complete review of the proposal, the PI will be responsible for actions taken by the sponsor for non-compliance.  Also, there may be delays in accepting awards and/or establishing accounts resulting from these proposals.