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Changes to F&A Rate for State of Tennessee

Beginning August 24, 2017, proposals submitted to State of Tennessee agencies for projects in which the prime source of funding is from a federal source will be budgeted for using the University’s federally negotiated F&A rates.  The State has recently updated their award terms and conditions to include language indicating if a subcontractor requests their negotiated F&A rate the State will honor that rate.  Additionally, under the Uniform Guidance regulations, pass through entities of federal funding are required to allow subcontractors to charge their federally negotiated rate.  A significant portion of the University’s State of Tennessee projects funding include Federal flow through.

This change will not impact any existing funds or proposals that have already been reviewed and submitted by the Office of Sponsored Programs.  This change will impact any new proposals submitted for new projects or that add additional funding to existing projects.

If you have any questions, please contact David Smelser, Assistant Director, at