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No Cost Extensions

NSF Extension

To request an NSF extension, the PI will need to:

  1. Log into
  2. Choose “Awards and Reporting”
  3. Choose “Notifications and Requests”
  4. Choose the award number for the project needing an extension under the “Prepare New” drop down box
  5. Click “Prepare New”
  6. Choose “Grantee Approved No Cost Extension” on the left hand side (or “NSF Approved No Cost Extension” on the right if this is a second extension on the award)
  7. Fill out the required information and save.
  8. Click “Send to SRO”

At this point a representative from OSP will review the request and will make contact with the PI.

NIH No Cost Time Extensions (NCTE)

First No Cost time Extension: The grantee (university) may extend the final budget period of the previously approved project period one time for a period of up to 12 months beyond the original expiration date shown in the Notice of Award if

  • No term of award specifically prohibits the extension
  • No additional funds are required to be obligated by the NIH awarding IC AND
  • The project’s originally approved scope will not change.

Such an action affirms that additional work remains to be completed on the project and that resources are available to continue to support the project, or that additional time is needed to provide for an orderly closeout. The fact that funds remain at the expiration of the grant is not, in itself, sufficient justification for an extension without additional funds.

In extending the final budget period of the project period through this process, the grantee agrees to update all required certifications and assurances, including but not limited to those pertaining to human subjects and vertebrate animals, in accordance with applicable regulations and policies. Grantees are reminded that all terms and conditions of the award apply during the extension period.

Additional No Cost Time Extensions: Additional project period extension beyond the initial extension of up to 12 months requires NIH prior approval. The request should include a description of the project activities that require support during the extension and a statement about the funds available to support the extension. Further, any late notification of the initial no-cost extension provided by the NIH Standard Terms of Award also requires prior approval.